Meet MOST's Advisory Board: Kelly Ross, MD

The MOST Professional Advisory Board consists of physicians from many specialties as well as other professionals that diligently support MOST and have a dedication to and expertise in multiple birth families. These volunteer professionals have shared their expertise, support,  and resources and they have personally answered many questions from our families over the years. The doctors have various [...]

MOST Family Carnival 2011: Photos and Thanks

The MOST Family Carnival 2011 was held in mid-June and was just perfect in every way! We had a wonderful turn out, the weather was fantastic and our sponsor was more generous than ever before with GREAT activities and gifts for EVERY member of every family! It was just an amazing day!

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MOST eNews December 2010

Happy Holidays
Adopt-a-Family Update: Can you help?
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2010 End of Year Fund Raising

MOST: Helping Multiple Birth Families… Every Step of the Way

Every year there are hundreds of families that need MOST’s help. Our programs ensure these families have accurate information about their high-risk pregnancy, that they have the tools and support to manage those logistically complex infant and toddler years, and that they know that they have a [...]

MOST eNews November 2010

November 2010

RSV Season-Parents of Newborns and Infants Are you Prepared?

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MOST Celebrates International Multiple Awareness Week (11/1-11/8)

How to Find and Interview a Pediatrician

Elaine Farber is our guest contributor this week joining us with tips in finding and interviewing a pediatrician. Elaine is a Newborn/ Specialist/ Consultant and author of Baby Lists: What to Do and What to Get to Prepare for Baby.  This can help to pick a pediatrician or other health care provider. Links to more resources [...]

MOST eNews: October 2010

October 2010

Halloween with multiples, scary? Nah
PPD Awareness Month: What multiple birth families need to know
National Pregnancy and Infancy Loss Awareness Month
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My House Has Been Ransacked

This article by Susanne Budofsky a mother of triplets, is an except from a work-in-progress book on raising higher-order multiples and offers an adorable and funny look into life with toddler multiples.

If you are one of those people who need to have order in your life and in your house, I’m sorry to be the one [...]

Pregnancy After Multiples

Thinking about having another baby? Or did you just find out you are pregnant again while raising your multiples?  This article created by several MOST members and board members outlines some of the questions and considerations parents may want to think about if they are considering having another baby following the birth of their multiples.

Morris Multiples!

A story about life as a multiple by 15-year-old Jordan Quinn Morris, a surviving quintuplet with sisters: Mallory, Kasey and Holly. Her brother Evan Quinton Morris passed away when he was only 17-days-old.

Special Father's Day Thank You for a MOST Dad

The post below is a follow-up story about a special MOST father who recently ran an ultra marathon to help support MOST, written by his wonderful wife Jane Sullivan. Happy Father’s Day to Jonathan and all fathers of multiples!

My husband’s feet have just about healed from running the 31.7 miles in the Just Another Maddog Ultra [...]

Schoolwork Over Summer Break?

by Christal Brown, an elementary school teacher and mother of triplets plus two older children, and Eileen Raff, middle school teacher and mother of triplets plus one older child. Together they share some great advice on ways to keep children actively engaged in learning throughout the summer months.

By: Christal Brown

Classroom Placement of Multiples

Article compiled by MOST (Mothers of Supertwins) discusses the different considerations and aspects of classroom placement of multiples including advantages and disadvantages of placement together or separately, timing, the individual development of each child, school policies and state laws, and much more.

10 Tips for Breastfeeding Your Multiples

This article is by Rachel Schirano, a mother of triplets who breastfed for over a year. Her top 10 tips for successfully breastfeeding multiples includes advice on how to increase milk supply, what equipment to look for, and how to manage a feeding schedule.

Whether or not a new mom provides breast milk for her newborns is a very [...]