Do you remember filling out the medical birth survey?


MOST uses our data to focus research, direct advocacy, and spotlight trends. The survey started back in 1998 and is one of the most comprehensive and extensive databases on multiple births in the world. In 2001, MOST presented the data at the International Society of Twin Studies conference in England. Check out the current statistics [...]

Do you speak my language?

Maureen Boyle light-heartedly describes three “languages” parents of multiples learn at the beginning of their parenting journey.

A 1980’s song by the group Men at Work just came on the radio. (What the heck am I listening to anyway?) Not sure how many top 40 songs they had back in their day, but this is the only [...]

MOST eNews May 2012- What makes your Mother's Day special?

Mother’s Day – Happy Mother’s Day
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Stories from the Heart Blog- What is the MOST unusual Mother’s Day gift you requested or received?
Thank you MOST! A mom shares her thanks

Guest Blogger: Sennie- Becoming a Mom

We had prayed to have children (I had specifically prayed to have four children -I didn’t realize God would take me so literally). [...]

Quiet, What Quiet? One Couple’s Perspective on Life with Triplets

Quiet, What Quiet? Part 1 of 2 - Lisa and John Melish each share their perspective of changes triplets brought to their family of three. Here is Lisa’s perspective. Next month will be John’s turn.

Two years ago if someone told me that going to work would be a quiet break from my day, I would have told [...]

Not in the NICU?

By Dorinda Nelson, a mother of triplets plus 2,  who discusses her experience having triplets who were born as late-term preemies and did not require care in the NICU. She shares her story and offers advice on preparing for this wonderful, but unexpected outcome to help  parents expecting multiples consider all possibilities.

Multiple Birth News for the Week Ending July 25, 2009

Catch up with Steve and Stacy Bailey of Arizona along with their surviving sextuplets Andrew, Brenna, John, and Shelby. (Brett and Ryan were identical brothers who were stillborn.) The Bailey’s lives have been filled with everything from diapers and preschool to the family’s first vacation this year. Read more about this special family.
Becky Harwood and [...]

Families Welcome Triplets, Quadruplets and Quintuplets!

Danielle Dorsey and Michael O’Brien of New York welcomed identical triplet girls Emma, Julia and Sophia
Troy and Heather Elmore, along with big sister 4-year-old Brooke, of Texas welcomed triplets Reagan, Paige and Kara
Karen and Hugo Estrada of Texas welcomed triplet boys Robert, Brian and Anthony
Stephanie and Justin Lacombe of Texas welcomed triplets Emma, Noah and [...]