Meet Area Coordinator Michelle Wizov

My name is Michelle and I am a stay at home mom to almost 6-year-old triplets, Sam, Charlotte and Jacob.  The last six years have been a whirlwind of new experiences, as both a first time mom, and a mom of multiples.

In the beginning I was exhausted from worry (29 weekers with an 8 week NICU stay), lack of sleep (4 am feedings for THREE!) and sheer joy!  I couldn’t wait for them to get a little older!  The toddler years were my favorite, watching them discover the world as only toddlers can, seeing them learning to interact with each other, and reaching many milestones.

Now they are older and I miss those retrospectively carefree days. I am still exhausted, mainly because my husband travels frequently since our relocation to the Philadelphia suburbs. But having triplets at this age is another magical experience. They are independent, strong-willed and playful. They love school, but homework is quite a task – and they are only in Kindergarten!  I still worry – are they learning valuable life lessons?  Am I too focused on order rather than fun?  Am I too busy doing chores to just be with them?  Lack of sleep is not as much an issue; however, with three, the illnesses and injuries keep us on our toes.

Sheer joy is another constant with having multiples.  I love listening to them play with each other, interact with friends, talk to me, and our newest milestone, learning to read!  There were many days during my pregnancy that I felt defeated before I had even begun, telling myself it couldn’t be done.  But with the loving support of my husband, family and other multiples moms, I can’t imagine it any other way!

MOST was so important to me when I had the triplets because for the first time since I found out I was pregnant with the triplets, I didn’t feel alone!  Also as a first time Mom, I was pretty clueless about what to do with one, and I had three! The MOST family was there to guide me through the early days of parenting triplets so we all could survive, and they were ready and waiting for the ensuing stages to lend a helping hand. Becoming a MOST Area Coordinator has been so uplifting, a huge confidence builder. Not only am I being given an opportunity to “give back,” but also, MOST has faith in my ability to help new and expectant moms of multiples.

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