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Local Parent of Multiples Support Groups

For Families Looking for a Local Parent of Multiples Support Group

MOST's volunteer program, events, and Family Support Forums all provide multiple birth families an opportunity to connect with other families of multiples for resources and support at a national, and for some, international level.

However, sometimes families are interested in networking at a local level. MOST encourages families to consider joining a local parent of multiples support group in addition to becoming a MOST member. Many of these organizations offer great services and information about local resources. Some groups have a formal structure with monthly speakers, newsletters, events, and libraries. Others have a more informal structure where parents simply get together on a regular basis to offer advice, support, and friendship.

While MOST is not able to provide famliies direct referrals to local parent of multiples support groups because contact information for these groups changes frequently and we are simply not able to maintain an up-to-date listing, we have setup a section in the members-only area of the MOST Family Support forums where members can post a request for information about local groups and volunteers and local group representatives can reply with information about what groups and what they offer.

MOST members who wish to request information about local parent of multiples support groups should visit the MOST Family Support Forums and post their request in the Local Connections section.

For Local Parent of Multiples Support Group Leaders and Volunteers

MOST is supportive of all efforts at the local level by parent support groups. To help the leaders and volunteers of these groups, we have dedicated a whole section of our forum to local and regional happenings where groups can promote their events, membership, newsletters, and more.

We encourage leaders and volunteers to join as a MOST member so they can serve as an ambassador/public relations manager for their local group through the MOST Local Connections Forum. This is a great opportunity for your group to find multiple birth families who are interested in joining a local group, or who may have questions about the local area your group serves. 

MOST members who are active in, or leaders of a local parent of multiples support group and wish to promote their organization can login into the MOST Family Support Forums, and post information about your local group in the Local Connections section.


Working together at the international, national and local level to support multiple birth families every step of the way

Updated 6/29/10

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