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MOST/PreemieCare Guidelines for Evaluating Outside Links

1. To avoid the appearance of endorsing specific products, MOST generally does not post links to websites that serve primarily as vehicles for selling products or services. (We do make some exceptions for sites that have especially valuable information or special discount programs for parents of multiples.) Our outside links are mostly national non-profit, not-for-profit, informational, academic, research, or government organizations. If you are requesting a link on behalf of a for-profit organization, please see the MOST advertising policy (PDF) and advertising page.

2. MOST requires website links to clearly delineate any advertising from informational content.

3. MOST requires all website links to be free of inappropriate language and graphics. 

4. MOST requires website links to have accurate information that is of a relatively high quality using proper syntax and spelling, as well as citing resources appropriately. For medical, legal, or financial topics, authors and their credentials must be clearly indicated.

5. MOST requires website links to have a generally well-organized navigational system and working search feature. The site should be free of clutter, heavy advertising, and low quality graphics. (Text only sites are fine if the content quality is high.)

6. MOST requires website links to have information that is specifically relevant to multiple birth families or parents of preterm infants.

7. MOST does not link to personal/family websites (except when included with a Multiples in the News posting. See our Multiples in the News Guidelines for details.)

8. MOST does not link to local multiples support group websites except through our MOST Recognized Support Group Program.

9. MOST requires website links to be free of spyware and use cookies only to enhance the experience of the site. No third-party cookies should be used.

10. MOST requires website links to have an appropriate and clearly visible privacy policy. MOST will review this policy looking specifically at the organization’s collection and use of personally identifying information noting what the company does with it and with whom it shares this information. MOST also checks to see if the website has a privacy seal for added assurance that it complies with credible privacy principles. Privacy seals are branded symbols of trust on the Internet like a "seal of approval." BBBOnline and TRUSTe seal programs offer third-party verification and monitoring of information practices. (These seals are not required, but good indicators if present.)

11. MOST requires that any website links directed at minors comply with COPPA rules and regulations.

12. MOST requires website links not have dead-ends or pages under construction.

13. MOST requires website links to have organizational contact information, preferably with a physical address and phone number. Website/email contact information only may not be adequate.

14. MOST requires website links to international organizations, (those located outside the US that use different currencies and fall under different legal jurisdictions) be to fairly large, well-established, and widely known organizations.

15. MOST requires website links to transmit sensitive data using some type of encryption, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), when asking visitors to submit data like credit card numbers, bank accounts, and medical information.

16. MOST requires website links to allow website participants an opportunity to "opt out" of having their personal contact information collected, sold, shared, or used to send any internal or external marketing materials.

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Updated 11/27/08

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