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MOST Family Support Forums

MOST offers a variety of online support forums for participants to post multiple birth related questions and receive responses from other parents of triplets or more.

MOST encourages parents of older multiples to remain active on the MOST Support Forums and share their experiences with new parents just starting out.


Family of triplets

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"I'm new to the forums and have appreciated the insight of so many moms who have so much knowledge to share."

"I love having the forums for support. It has been a god send to have people who can relate to multiple life. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better."

"I know that many of you deal with the same stressors that I do, so it makes it so easy to talk here. It really helps that you are all here to listen and can really understand where I am coming from..I knew this was a good place to talk about all of this. It really helps to just get it out there so that I am not holding it all inside."

"I just love MOST. It's the best place to get information and share stories about higher-order multiple pregnancies then anywhere else."

"I am sitting here reading all these responses coming back to me on the MOST forum and the support is unbelieveable!! God put this support group in my hands yesterday, and you just can't imagine how great I feel. Thank you so much!!! I just feel so emotional any little thing makes me cry but, believe me, these are happy tears: tears of finding someone like me who can understand and comprehend what it is I am going through emotionally, mentally and physically."

Toddler Triplets

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Forum Disclaimer

Unless specifically expressed otherwise, all postings, links, subject lines, instant messages, online chats, email and private messages generated by participants of the MOST Family Support Forums are for entertainment, convenience, or general informational purposes only. Information posted or sent from this forum represents only the thoughts and opinions of the content's author and do not necessarily represent those of MOST (Mothers of Supertwins), its advisory board, or staff. Material presented here is generally believed to be from reliable sources, but MOST makes no representations as to its accuracy or completeness and advises forum participants not to make treatment decisions based on information posted to the forums or received in related communications without the guidance of a qualified health care provider.


Updated 9/16/10

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