8. How much weight will I gain while pregnant with higher order multiples?

Unlike singleton pregnancies when mothers-to-be worry about gaining too much weight, doctors recommend expectant mothers of triplets or more gain at least 20 to 25 pounds in the first 20 weeks of their pregnancy.

Some expectant mothers of higher-order multiples experience problems with severe morning sickness (hyperemesis) making this weight gain goal difficult, but typical overall weight gains for higher-order multiple pregnancies are:

50 to 80 pounds for triplets

70 to 100 pounds for quadruplets

These amounts may depend on the mother’s weight at conception, how many babies are involved, and other medical factors. See statistics from the MOST Medical Birth Survey for more information.




More information about weight gain during pregnancy is available in MOST's book Expecting Multiples: A Comprehensive Guide.

One of the most respected sources on nutrition and weight gain during multiple gestation pregnancies is the book by Dr. Barbara Luke called, When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy.

Nutritional Guide for Multiple Birth Pregnancies

Twin Services article "They Are What You Eat: Nutrition in a Plural Pregnancy"


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