64. When and how should I transition my multiples from cribs to beds?

Like potty training, transitioning to beds depends on developmental readiness on the part of the children, and emotional readiness on the part of the parents. Safety issues are a premium concern.

For some families, moving cribs to beds is a very easy transition. For others, in particular those who transition when they are quite young, moving multiples out of their cribs can be an exceptionally stressful experience.

Some families find making this transition one child at a time helpful, others move all the children at once to avoid injuries resulting from children climbing out of their crib. If the children share a room, some parents find removing the furniture from the room reduces opportunities for exploration and increases safety.



To learn more about how other families approach this transition and suggestions on how you might be able to make this as stress free as possible, MOST offers several articles on Crib to Bed Transitions for families of higher order multiples.

A favorite product of many families of multiples during this transition time is the Tots in Mind crib tent available from MOST's affiliate program with Amazon.

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