62. How do I baby proof my home and car for multiples?

First learn about common safety precautions and recommendations prior to your babies learning to crawl and walk. Parents of multiples have the added burden of toddlers joining forces to outwit a common enemy such as the safety gate. This spirit of exploration often emerges at a much younger age than parents may anticipate.

Families of multiples should pay keen attention to safety issues and precautions well before this stage is expected. Networking with other families of multiple birth children either the same age or slightly older, helps parents learn multiple birth specific safety challenges they may encounter.




Each of MOST’s MOST Family Support Forums offers such tips form other parents of multiples on baby proofing and safety issues.

MOST also offers a wide variety of articles on safety and safety products for every age-group.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission - information about recalls and unsafe prodcuts

Parents.com Babyproofing 101

The Cradle: How to Childproof Your Home

Discovery Health Babyproofing adn safety videos:

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