42. How do I manage transportation and car seats for all these babies?

Choosing vehicle and child safety seats is an important decision. Check safety requirements, avoid buying used safety seats, and check to be sure all the seats will fit properly in the vehicle together since you will need to install three or more seats. Be sure to follow installation guidelines.

Some families find that their smaller car or SUV will not adequately accommodate three toddler car seats even though three infant car seats fit. Also be sure to budget enough time to load and unload everyone from the vehicle, as this can be time-consuming while the multiples are in car seats.



AAP paper titled, "Safe Transportation of Preterm and Low Birth Weight Infants at Hospital Discharge" (PDF)

For information about safety seats and state laws see The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and SafeRoads.org

CarSeatData.org provides buying guides, guidelines on car seat/vehicle compatibility, car seat FAQs, where to find a certified car seat inspector to assess a car seat's installation, and one of the most useful resources for parents of multiples a data sheet listing the measurements for dozens of the most common car seats on the market to help parents determine whether 3, 4, 5, or more seats will fit.

SafetyBeltSafe is a national non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety. Their mission is to help reduce the number of serious and fatal traffic injuries suffered by children by promoting the correct, consistent use of safety seats and safety belts.

Safe Kids USA has information about appropriate use of booster seats including information about which children should be in booster seats, the types of booster seats available and how to get a proper fit.

If you need further assistance with car seat installation, call your local police or fire departments to help find local certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians. The national resource on car seats can be contacted at 1-866-seat-check (USA) or visit NHTSA.

For general information on car seats, infant seats and boosters visit CPSafety.org.

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