39. How much baby equipment will I need for triplets or more?

Expectant parents, as well as friends and family members planning a baby shower frequently ask this question. Some items must be bought for each infant like a crib and car seat, however some multiple birth parents find 2 swings, or a single changing table adequate.

MOST's article Nursery Preparations: Equipment, Layettes, and More contains a complete list of equipment that a multiple birth family typically needs. This article is also included as part of our:




The MOST Supertwins Library sells articles on what itmes parents may want to buy, with checklists and suggestions on what worked best for them.

Some parents of triplets or more sell their gently-used equipment in a MOST classified ad.

The MOST Free Stuff page also lists programs offering discounts, coupons, and free items for multiple birth families.For additional products, check out

MOST's affiliate programs Amazon.com and iGive where you can get special discounts and provide donations to MOST for every purchase made.

Sign up for product recall alerts from the Consumer Protection Safety Commission See video tips on a system for getting by with a minimal amount of baby equipment.

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