38. What is the best way to manage volunteers who offer to help when the babies come home?

Consider yourself fortunate if friends or family offer to help once the babies come home from the hospital. Many volunteers soon realize what a special experience caring for multiples can be for everyone who shares this precious time together.

When accepting help, first consider if this person is healthy and physically capable of helping, and if his/her family members are also in good health to avoid bringing in any illnesses that may harm your infants. Any person who offers to help with your babies must realize that absolutely no smoking will be allowed because of the obvious risks premature infants.

Each volunteer should be trained on proper hand washing techniques and the importance of continuing this practice throughout the babies’ first year of life. Also check that your expectations and the volunteer’s expectations are compatible, so be sure to discuss roles and expectations in advance.




MOST is now partnered with CarePages, which allows families to setup free secured personal web pages for their personal support circle, family members, friends, volunteers, etc., to offer their support and for families to share updates and information with invited visitors.

Sample letter to friends and family explaining the risks associated with preemies and RSV

MOST offers a Tips for Volunteers to help them understand the unique challenges and joys facing new parents of multiples, as well as the challenge of caring for these special newborns.

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Also look at resources like Lotsa Helping Hands, Care Calendar, or eHope to manage volunteer schedules and tasks online.

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