37. Will I need volunteers or paid help to care for so many infants?

Having help, at least initially, can be very beneficial. When financially possible or logistically feasible, mothers of multiples should consider using volunteers or paid help in the first few months of the multiples’ homecoming. This allows mom to rest more and provides more hands on help for the infants. For many families using outside help is not possible and many moms have been very successful managing on their own.




For more information on this topic, MOST offers guidelines for Volunteering to Help a New Mother of Multiples.

MOST also sells an information booklet on Childcare for Multiples in the MOST Supertwins store.

The MOST volunteers provide information about local resources and connect families with other multiple birth families.

Lotsa Helping Hands is a free online program built around a calendar to help volunteers coordinate meals, transportation, in-home help, and more for families in need.

Twin Services article "Staying Sane Under Twin Stress"

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