28. I feel like I am an outsider in my babies’ lives since the nurses and doctors are taking care of them. With so many, how can I be more involved and keep track of what is happening since I am not at the hospital 24 hours a day?

First, get to know the people who are caring for your babies. Talk with the neonatologist, residents, and neonatal nurse practitioner on a regular basis. Inquire about ways to contribute to each baby’s care. Based on the infant’s medical condition, parents can participate by changing diapers, giving baths, learning about procedures and medications, providing Kangaroo care, helping with feedings, holding the infants, and other tasks.




See Dr. Beth Pector's VOICES in the NICU (Word Document)

The MOST Family Support Forums provide a place for famillies of multiples to share tips on how to survive those challenging early days with triplets or more.

MOST also offers its Infant Multiples booklet with chapters containing in-depth information on coping with multiple babies in the NICU.

Print MOST's weight conversion chart and take it with you to the hospital for reference there.

Download a complimentary copy of the For Those Who Hold the Littlest Hands eBook


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