20. What advice do parents of multiple have for naming triplets or more as well as dressing them alike?


Like the process of naming any newborn, new parents should consider how the child’s first name fits with the child’s last name. For example, if your last name is Bond, do you really want to name your son James? If your last name is Showers do you want to name your daughter April?

In the past, multiples were often given rhyming names or names that start with the same first letter. Although this is a very sweet sentiment, acknowledging the closeness of your babies, these names can also cause some confusion as the children grow. Insurance companies sometimes have trouble processing claims when several babies who are born on the same day have the same first initial and last name. Some families have also reported conflicts with Social Security Administration, so naming can be an important consideration. Although naming your children is a very personal decision, giving each child his or her own distinct first name sets the stage for them to be treated as individuals and not only as multiples. Rhyming or alliterated names may also become a source of embarrassment during adolescence.


Dressing multiples (even siblings) in matching or coordinating clothing is great fun for special occasions, and can be very helpful or for keeping track of many small children on a special outing. When multiples are young, it can also be a way to streamline the dressing process each morning. Dressing multiples alike is also nice when taking photos that can capture their special bond.

Just keep in mind that matching outfits can also draw more attention to multiples when out in public, which some parents like and others do not.

Unfortunately, like rhyming names, dressing multiples alike may encourage others to view the children only as multiples rather than individuals. For identical multiples, or even fraternals who have a strong resemblance, dressing them alike might also make it harder for friends and family members to distinguish who is who. Coordinating outfits (same outfit-different color, same color-different style, etc.) can be a nice compromise or used to transition them to separate clothing as they approach school age.

Some multiples choose to coordinated their clothing regularly or on occasion even past Kindergarten, which is fine, but parents should also encourage each child to develop his or her own identity and sense of style. Most multiples will develop their own individual styles over time regardless.


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