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Issue 18-4 Letter From the Editor: Maureen A. Doolan Boyle (PDF)

Tracking Healthcare Expenses

Article available for individual purchase
Looking for information on how to manage the paperwork involved in health care expenses? This article discusses how to match up your Explanation of Benefits notifications with medical bills, what information is important to keep, and what implications health care costs can have on your annual tax returns.  Also included are tips for families of multiples and a variety of health insurance resources.

Resources on Health Insurance Topics

  1. Health Insurance 101 article
  2. Communicating with Health Insurance Companies article
  3. SSI: Social Security Benefits article
  4. Insurance FAQ from the MOST website
  5. Insurance Resources from the PreemieCare website

MOST: The Last 20 Years 

Read the series online now FREE! PDF
The last installment in our series reminiscing on the past 20 years at MOST. Catch up with 3 more cover families from previous issues of SUPERTWINS and learn what they are doing today.

Multiples in the Public Domain

Article available for individual purchase
Do you have a personal blog, family website, or social networking profile containing personal information about you and your family? If so, don’t miss this easy to use guide on ways to protect that information while still getting the most out of your online experience.

Resources for Protecting Blogs and Websites

  1. MOST CarePages
  2. Limiting search engine crawling with a robots file
  3. Limiting search engine crawling with a noindex tag
  4. Sample Terms of Service page (PDF)
  5. Copyscape for copyright violation notifications
  6. Google Alerts for copyright violation notifications
  7. Ziggs for alerts on use of your name
  8. US Patent and Trademark Office
  9. US Copyright Office
  10. Link your blog/website to MOST
  11. Find fun widgets for your blog
  12. What is Internet Safety for Children article



Type I Diabetes and a Triplet Pregnancy

Article available for individual purchase
One mom tells her story about being pregnant with triplets while managing her Type I diabetes and a thyroid condition. With determination, quality medical care, a lot of hard work and support, she successfully delivers healthy triplets by planned C-section at 35 weeks. Read what steps she took to improve her odds of a healthy outcome.

That Was Then…This is Now: From Preemies to Honor Roll Students

Read this inspiring update on triplets who were born at a mere 27 weeks gestation and see how they are now thriving at 14-years-old.

You’re Expecting What?
A mother of quadruplets shares her exciting story about when she learned she was expecting multiples and how she kept it a secret until a special announcement was made at a family event.




You Can Breastfeed Your Multiples

Article available for individual purchase
Looking for advice and support for breastfeeding your multiples? This article is the perfect source for expectant and new mothers considering breastfeeding. Learn about breastfeeding resources, how to maintain an adequate milk supply, what role pumping might play in the process, where to seek help, and much more.

Resources for Breastfeeding

  1. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Jack Newman, M.D. and Teresa Pitman
  2. Mothering Multiples: Breastfeeding and Caring for Twins or More! By Karen Kerkhoff Gromada
  3. MOST Family Support Forums
  4. The Multiple Pregnancy Sourcebook by Bowers
  5. MOST Breastfeeding Multiples packet

Living Inside the Box

Article available for individual purchase
With her twins born 15 weeks early and spending time in the NICU, one mom puts her teaching career on hold to keep her boys healthy. Learn how she kept the germs at bay while managing family visits, in-home therapy, doctor visits, and other situations that put her preemies at risk during RSV season.

Our RSV Experience

Article available for individual purchase
Not long after their quadruplets have finally all been reunited at home after their NICU experience, one family faces re-hospitalization and 3 very long weeks of caring for 4 sick newborns. The mother of these quadruplet girls recounts her experience when, despite taking all the precautions, one of her babies contracts RSV and is re-hospitalized with serious respiratory problems. Since RSV spreads like wildfire in a multiple birth home, the other 3 sisters are soon sick with RSV as well.

Colds, Flus, and Viruses, Oh My!

Included with the "Our RSV Experience" article above
A quick guide to a healthier cold season: Hand washing 101, RSV resources, & Information on colds and flus with multiples.

Resources for Cold & Flu Season

  1. The Importance of Hand Washing (from the MOST Stories from the Heart Blog)
  2. CDC Information on Hand Washing
  3. Teaching young children about proper hand washing
  4. PreemieCare RSV Resources
  5. Tracking system to monitor the spread of RSV each season
  6. Welcome to Cold and Flu Season Multiples Style article



Tricks of the Trade: Potty Training Multiples

Article available for individual purchase
Are you contemplating potty training your multiples soon? If so, have no fear. MOST offers this compilation article edited from 20 years of tips, advice, and personal stories written by MOST families who have successfully potty trained their triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, and more. Don’t miss these top 15 potty training tips, signs to know when toddlers are ready, a list of potty training resources, and a collection of personal stories to help make this a smooth transition.

Resources for Potty Training

  1. 10 Signs Your Child is Ready to Potty Train
  2. Potty Training Readiness Quiz
  3. Family Doctor
  4. Keep Kids Healthy
  5.’s Potty Training Toddlers
  6. Potty Training
  7. Parents Magazine on Potty Training
  8. Pull-Ups “Way to Go” Potty Training
  9. MOST articles on potty training and other toddler topics

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, 5 Kids in a Tub
An adorable countdown on bathing quintuplets by a mom who put her slippery little darlings in the tub together for the first time.

Book Review: How to Talk to Kids so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk

Discipline can be a challenge with any child, but when 3, 4, 5 or more, parents need help. This book review by a MOST family offers insights into the advice provided in this and other books on discipline. Book available through the MOST-Amazon affiliate program.




Teaching Triplets: A Primary Teacher’s Perspective

Article available for individual purchase
A teacher with 18 years experience talks about having her first set of triplets in her classroom by sharing her experience with SUPERTWINS readers. In what ways do the identical triplet girls interact with other students? How did the girls grow from their classroom experience? What life lessons did Miss Rubi walk way with from this experience? Their story offers a truly unique glimpse into the world of multiples at school every parent will want to read.
Ask the School Psychologist: Sibling Rivalry

Article available for individual purchase
What is a parent to do when one triplet excludes the other? Is it just a case of sibling rivalry or something more? Jennifer Brout, Ed.M, PsyD provides some insight into what is happening with these siblings and the best options for how a parent should respond.




Special Needs Children and College

Article available for individual purchase
High school students who have been served by an IEP face many new challenges when transitioning into a college or university setting. Many families of triplets and more have navigated this course, so to help other families, MOST is providing a 2-part series on this topic starting with this article on how secondary education differs from college, what resources are available to help with the transition, and what support parents and others can offer students.

Resources on College and Students with Special Needs

  1. Pacer Center
  2. National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
  3. Association on Higher Education and Disability
  4. HEATH Resource Center: Online Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities
  5. LD In Depth: College & College Prep
  6. Mobility International USA
  7. National Center for the Study of Postsecondary Educational Supports (NCPES)

Exit Strategies: Considerations for Special Needs Families

Included with "Exit Strategy" article from Vol 18-3
Having a household emergency escape plan is essential for all families, and families who have children with special medical or developmental needs are no different. In the ‘In the Beginning: Infants’ column of issue 18-3 of SUPERTWINS, we offered tips and advice for all families to build an escape plan, and in this issue we provide some specific information on exit plans for families managing special needs.

Resources on Exit Strategies and Special Needs

  1. The Autism Society of Maine
  2. Easter Seals (search “safety first”)
  3. The American Red Cross
  4. Fire Safety and the Special Needs Family



When Triplets Don’t Come First: Parenting Singletons then Multiples

Article available for individual purchase
Take a personal and candid journey with a mother of 2 young children who finds out she is expecting triplets much to her surprise. Her heartbreak over missing out on her daughter’s school events, and the weeks of bedrest and hospitalization take a toll. In the end the birth of 3 beautiful, healthy daughters proves to be a blessing worth waiting for not only for her, but their older siblings as well.

Our Decision

Article available for individual purchase
Another MOST family of triplets shares how they faced the choice of having more children after multiples and infertility. They go through a litany of questions trying to make the best decision for their family just a few of which were: What will be the impact on their family? And what will be the trade-off between a wife who wants just one more, and a husband who is not so sure?




Humor: Nature’s Best Cure

Article available for individual purchase
A father of quadruplets, a self-proclaimed control freak, must learn to adapt to the roller-coaster ride that is life with multiples. Along the way, he discovered a valuable coping tool: laughter. So whether you are coping with 4 sick kids at the same time, long months of sleep-deprivation, or tackling an endless pile of bills to pay, this dad has the cure for you! See this issue’s Father’s Forum column sponsor.




When 4 Become 7

Read FREE online and see other siblings stories on MOST Jr.
The 4-year-old big sister of a 3-year-brother and infant triplets writes about her experience with such a unique and wonderful family. What is the best part of being the big sister, and what do her friends think? Read her adorable story, written from the perspective a young girl who has given and been given much love.




Top 10 Reasons Why My Mom is the BEST!!!
What makes a mom special? One mom of quintuplets shares her top 10 reasons for why her mother (known as Mimi to the grandchildren) is simply the best. 




MOST Family Support Forum Update
The MOST Family Support Forums has a new forum coordinator. Patti Tessler, the previous coordinator has created some big shoes to fill, but we are confident that the skills and talents of our new coordinator, Colette Dispinseri will help the forums continue to thrive and grow. Also find a complete list of forums available.

What’s New at www.MOSTonline?: Volunteers are Key
Read about several key volunteers who help keep the MOST website and the MOST Facebook page full of fresh new content with everything from photo slideshows, to mainstream media news stories and great books for families of multiples. Be sure to visit us online at Do you want to volunteer? Visit the MOST Forum listing of open positions.

MOST Reaching Professionals
MOST’s new Director of Health Professional Development needs your help in reaching more health care professionals who serve multiple birth families. To help, you can submit information about your NICU, perinatologist, OB/GYN, pediatrics office and others.

Adopt A Family
MOST has kicked-off the 2008 Adopt A Family program and is looking for donors and volunteers. Learn more by visiting our Adopt A Family web page

MOST Volunteer from Maryland  
MOST has 2 local Area Coordinators, both parents of triplets, from the wonderful state of Maryland who serve not only Maryland but the Washington DC area and northern Virginia. Learn about their parenting experience, involvement in a local support group, and what type support they are ready and willing to offer multiple birth families in their area. See how the MOST Maryland ACs are helping a family in need following a devastating fire.

Donors and Announcements
Find out whose generous support is making all the efforts at MOST possible! Please consider making a donation to MOST. You are the key to these successful programs that help many families of multiples. Also be sure to catch-up on which families are expecting multiples, announcing the birth of their multiples, or who have just joined MOST.

SUPERTWINS Cover Families (PDF)
The cover family on issue of SUPERTWINS is a young family with infant triplets. With support from their community, they welcomed healthy 36-week babies into their lives and have never looked back. The gorgeous photo of this family was taken by a talented photographer: Claudia Akers.




With a heavy heart, MOST announces the passing of an infant quintuplet son and a quadruplet daughter.

Living in Out Hearts
A couple expecting triplet sons experience the heartache of a very preterm delivery and now live with their precious boys in their hearts.

Grief and Marriage

Article available for individual purchase
Losing a baby can be devastating to parents and put strain on even the best marriages. Differences in the way men and women grieve as well as expectations from society can sometimes increase the negative impact a loss has on the marriage. This article looks at the special challenges in a multiple birth situation, the signs a couple should look for that might indicate they need help coping, tips for parents in helping other children deal with a loss when they too are struggling, and what can a couple do to aid their marriage in a time of grief.

Resources on Bereavement:

  1. Grief and its Impact on a Marriage, Fact Sheet by Bereaved Families of Ontario - Ottawa
  2. Men & Grief by Carol Staudacher
  3. Healing your Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. (Available through the MOST Amazon Affiliate Program)
  4. MOST memorial page



Empty Nest at the Dinner Table
After all the years of late-night feedings, potty training, dance recitals, and homework session, what’s a parent to do when their beloved triplets take flight and head out into the world?  “Knowing that as fast as it came, it will soon be gone” one dad shares his musings on how dinner without those extra leafs in the table will truly feel. 

Updated 7/26/10

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